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 Just Talking About Tour FX...

Sloan Promotions / Tour FX
Motorcycle Tour Guide & Tour Management 
North America USA

 I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, and tell you a little about me. I was born, raised, and educated on the east coast in upstate New York, where my mother and family still reside.
After some time, I finally started on my way to California. I stopped in Chicago and spent several of my formidable years with my father. With some discussion, I finally convinced him to come along. Together, we headed West. My father went north to Napa Valley to follow his dreams of breeding horses on his ranch, Rising Star Arabian's. I went south to L.A. to the beach, where I bought a wet suit and learned how to surf. That’s how I got to California and I’ve been here ever since.
I got my first motorcycle when I was 8 yrs. old, it was a Honda MiniTrail 50cc. I tore up the yards as a wild child and have been riding ever since. I am fortunate to have spent my youth traveling the world in countries throughout Europe, Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, and beyond.
After that, I spent the next 15 years in corporate America working in the advertising industry in San Francisco, CA. I was always looking for that corner office with a big window up in the sky, but one day I decided that world was not for me. So I used my marketing and sales skills and opened my own business, Sloan Promotions / Tour FX. Now, I reside in the multi-cultural city of Los Angeles, CA. I work as a Grip in the Film Industry during the winter, and on the road in the summers.
I have spent the last 15 years as an Outdoor Adventure Trek Leader touring throughout our beautiful and unforgettable National Parks. Traveling to see and create adventure is what I do. I have led guided tours for the past 15 years hiking, on horseback, via passenger vans, on tour buses, and now by motorcycles. My passion for the ultimate outdoor adventure is riding a Harley across the beautiful USA. I am a Certified Tour Guide, and Certified Hiking Guide recognized by the National Parks Service. If you asked me where I would like to spend the next 15 days, I would say in a tent, out in the wilderness, with a horse, or my Harley, to get to the next destination.
I am a jack of all trades yet a master of none. I’ll tell you the direction of where we’ll go, and together we get to create the adventure of how we got there.

So let’s make your dreams come true. Let’s explore and create an adventure to be travelers, not just tourists. Tourists just come to see things… Come with us and create an adventure you will never forget.

I’ll see you soon my fellow Travelers.

Let's Twist the Throttle! and Chase Some Road !!


Marc William Sloan

Road Captain
Sloan Promotions / Tour FX

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